Accelerate efficiency and reduce DSO with our automated receivables management process.

While accounts receivables management is critical in preventing overdue payment and non-payment, it extends beyond just reminding debtors to pay. Keeping this in mind, we have an automated process in place to help organizations improve accounts receivable workflow, right from order management to cash collection. This system involves two aspects: a proprietary technology platform to send reminders at the right time and a personalized follow-up procedure by our team of professionals. Working as an extension to your finance department, we ensure payments are received on time.


Designing efficient strategies of a proactive nature, we manage accounts receivables with ease.

Discarding the reactive way of handling the accounts receivables process, we adopt a proactive approach. Putting the focus on eliminating problems before they have a chance to appear, this method encourages new procedures, improved collections processes and constant evaluation. Along with spotting late payments in due time, the proactive mode involves maintaining customer relations, continuous follow-ups and frequent monitoring for credit risks.


Having an experienced and trained team to handle your receivables leaves you to refocus on building your business further.

Keep aside worries about day-to-day operations and timely payments. Led by a group of experts who consistently review and monitor business activities, our receivables process aims to achieve a reduction in bad debt and DSO. This translates to business profitability for you, along with benefits such as reduction in staff overheads, better available liquidities for use and a boost to your professional image.

Experience improved cash-flows with our Receivables Management Solution

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